THURSDAY, April 26

3:00 P.M.--5:00 P.M. - Registration.
Location: Conference Center Lobby.

Booksellers set up
Location: Conference Center Lobby.

6:00 P.M. No Host Bar.
Location: Mount Baldy Room.

6:30 P.M. Welcoming Dinner.
Location: Mount Baldy Room.

Hosts: Dallas Massey, Sr., White Mountain Apache Tribal chairman & Ginny Handorf, Pinetop mayor.

Program: Pinetop, Show Low, Springerville, Snowflake, and Fort Apache local history presentations.

FRIDAY, April 27

8:00 A.M. --5:00 P.M. - Registration.
Location: Conference Center Lobby.

Book Displays.
Location: Conference Center Lobby.

8:30 A.M.--9:45 A.M.

Session lA: - Evanly Days: The Short and Turbulent Term of Arizona Governor Evan Mecham, 1987-1988.
Location: Whiteriver Room.

Chair: Brad Melton, Northland Publishing

Session 1B: - Dynamic Tension: Army Relationships during the Apache Wars.
Location: Fort Apache Room.

Chair:Carol Hawkins Wood, Scottsdale

Session 1C: - Cross-Cultural Themes in Arizona History.
Location: McNary Room.

Chair: Jean Reynolds, Arizona Historical Society

10:00 A.M.--11:15 A.M.

Session 2A; Women’s Voices.
Location. Fort Apache Room

Chair: Mona McCroskey, Cuba, New Mexico

Session 2B: - Top of the Mountain.
Location: Whiteriver Room.

Chair: Arthur Guenther, Pinetop

Session 2C: - Resources and Challenges in Historical Research.
Location: McNary Room.

Chair: Marc Campbell, Arizona State University

Noon--1:00 P.M. - Arizona Historical Society Al Merito Luncheon.
Location: Mount Baldy Room.

2:00 P.M.--3:15 P.M.

Session 3A: - Apache Spirituality and History.
Location: Whiteriver Room

Chair: Ramon Riley, Fort Apache Museum
Roundtable: Jerry Glosahy, Sr. Bernadette Adley and Millie Riley

Session 3B: - Gender Matters in Natural Resource Use and Conservation.
Location: Fort Apache Room.

Chair: Jerry Kyle, Arizona Historical Society.

Session 3C: - Still Hopeful After All These Years: Problems and Progress at Arizona’s State Archives.
Location: McNary Room

Moderator: Cindy Myers, Museum Consultant, Phoenix

3:30 P.M.--4:45 P.M.

Session 4A: - Cowboy Songs & Poetry from the Colorado Plateau.
Location: Whiteriver Room.

Chair: Warren Miller, Sharlot Hall Museum.

Session 4B: - The Colorado River Through Grand Canyon: Three Select Historical Topics.
Location: Fort Apache Room.

Chair: Jim Babbitt, Flagstaff.

Session 4C: - Courts and Criminals.
Location: McNary Room.

Chair: John Lacy, Tucson.

Session 4D: - Coordinating Committee for History in Arizona (CCHA) -

Preserving the Past: Collecting and Caring for Family and Community Records.

Location: Sunrise Room.

This session is intended for family researchers, community historians, and anyone who is interested in documenting the history of individuals, families, and community events. It will focus on why family/community histories are important and what types of documentary materials to collect. Attendees will also learn basic preservation tips and techniques.

5:30 P.M.--7:00 p.m. Reception.
Location: Mount Baldy Room.
No Host Cocktails.

Cibicue Crown Dancers.

SATURDAY, April 28 8:00 A.M.--noon. Registration.
Location: Conference Center Lobby

Book Displays. Location: Conference Center Lobby

8:30 A.M.--9:45 A.M.

Session 5A: - Indian School Experiences.
Location: Whiteriver Room.

Chair: Myrna Hillyard, Cornville.

Session 5B: - Commerce and Resource Management in Rural Arizona.
Location: Fort Apache Room.

Chair: Stan Brown. Payson.

Session 5C: - Exploration.
Location: - McNary Room.

Chair: Andrew Wallace, Northern Arizona University.

10:00 A.M.--1l:15 A.M.

Session 6A: - Historic Places: Promotion and Preservation.
Location: McNary Room.

Chair: Mark Pry, Tempe.

Session 6B: - Arizona Highways Magazine: Tourism, Good Roads, and the Mythic West.
Location: Whiteriver Room.

Chair: Jack L. August, Jr., Prescott.

Session 6C: - Stories of Settlers and Storekeepers.
Location: Fort Apache Room.

Chair: William H. Lyon, Northern Arizona University.

Noon--1:00 A.M. - Luncheon.
Location: Mount Baldy Room.

2:00 P.M.--5:30 P.M. - Field Trips.B.

6:30 P.M. - No-host cocktails. Location: Mount Baldy Room.

7:00 P.M. - Awards Banquet.

SUNDAY, April 29 - Casa Malpai Tour.
Convention attendees who wish to stay over on Sunday are invited to board the bus for a tour of Casa Malpai Indian Ruins (Springerville) and the Little House Museum. Sack lunches will be provided. The bus leaves the Hon-Dah Conference Center at 9:00 A.M. and will return at 3:00 P.M. Cost is $25.00 per person.

Accommodations: Hon-Dah Conference Center, P.O. Box 3250, 777 Hwy. 260, Pinetop, Arizona 85935. $69.00 (no tax) single or double. Make reservations by April 12.

(520) 369-7620, or (520) 369-0382 (fax).

Please identify yourself as attending the Arizona History Convention.
For information call Nancy Stonehouse or Bruce Dinges at (520) 628-5774.

Or, visit our website: