The Arizona History Convention
would like to thank our sponsors
for their generous support


in cooperation with:

Convention Committee: Michael A. Amundson, Northern Arizona University; Kay Benedict, Casa Grande Valley Historical Society; Evelyn Cooper, Tempe; Bruce J. Dinges, Arizona Historical Society; Gordon Dudley, Scottsdale; Shelly Dudley, Salt River Project; Reba Grandrud, Phoenix; Lynn Haak, Globe; Fred Jones, Yuma; James McBride, Arizona State University; Katherine Morrissey, University of Arizona; Vince Murray, Arizona State University; Kathleen Noon, Phoenix Public Library; William Phillips, Arizona State University; William Porter, Kingman; Richard Sims, Sharlot Hall Museum; Robert A. Trennert, Arizona State University; Andrew Wallace, Northern Arizona University.

Program Committee: Bruce J. Dinges, Shelly Dudley, William Phillips.

Local Arrangements: Shelly Dudley, chair; Evelyn Cooper, Reba Grandrud, James McBride, Kathleen Noon, Bill Phillips, Ileen Snoddy, Noel Stowe, Robert Trennert.

Books: Arizona Historical Foundation; Arizona Historical Society; Chiricahua Book Company; Guidon Books; Sharlot Hall Museum Press; Singing Wind Bookshop; Trail to Yesterday Books; University of Arizona Press.