Hassayampa Inn 


April 23 - 26, 2009

Celebrating Fifty Years of History



*please note that all times are Mountain Standard.


THURSDAY, April 23


Pre-conference Workshops:


8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (with a lunch break) – Historic Preservation Planning. Location:    Prescott Garden Room.         


Sponsored by Arizona Historical Research, this workshop will focus on historic preservation planning for historic properties. Accompanied by two case studies, professionals from the public and private sector will disseminate information on what a master plan is, how it is produced, and what it costs. Workshop facilitator: Vince Murray, historian, Arizona Historical Research. Workshop presenters: John Akers, historic education and outreach coordinator, Sahuaro Ranch Park Historic Area; Don Ryden, Ryden Architects; Jim Garrison, state historic preservation officer, Arizona State Historic Preservation Office; David Wald-Hopkins, architect, Burns Wald-Hopkins Shambach Architects. Registration fee: $45.00 (meal not included). Registration deadline: April 14. Make checks payable and mail to: Arizona Historical Research, 5025 N. Central Ave., Suite 575, Phoenix, AZ 85012. For information contact: Vince Murray at (480) 829-0267; or  


8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (with a lunch break) – Oral History Workshop. Location:
           Sharlot Hall Museum.  

Sponsored by the Coordinating Committee for History in Arizona (CCHA). Conducted by Melanie Sturgeon, Ph.D., Scott Thompson, and Catherine May, M.A. This workshop is designed for individuals (professional and non-professional) who have little or no experience in oral history interviewing. Through hands-on and interactive exercises, the workshop covers basic information and issues: planning and implementing a project; good research methodology and strategies; conducting research and interviews; basic equipment issues; transcribing and accessibility. You will leave with a binder of resources that will support your work in Oral History for years to come. Registration fee: $45 for CCHA members (meal not included); $55 for non-members. Registration deadline: April 14. Make checks payable and mail to: CCHA-Oral History Workshop, P.O. Box 874302, Tempe, AZ 85287-4302. For information, contact Catherine May, (602) 236-6750; or



8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (with a lunch break) – Preserving Photographs and Documents. Location:  Sharlot Hall Museum Library & Archives.



Sponsored by Friends of Arizona Archives (FAzA). This one-day workshop by Hoo-hookam Ki Museum archivist and professional conservator Steve Hoza will concentrate on how photographs and paper documents should be handled and stored in order to preserve them for future generations. The first half of the workshop will show the kinds of damage that can happen and how to prevent it, including hands-on examples that can be examined closer. The second half of the program will be a demonstration of the humidification and flattening of rolled, curled, or creased paper and encapsulation on a rigid mat board mount. Registration deadline: April 14. Cost: $25 for FAzA members; $35 for non-members. Make checks payable and mail to: Friends of Arizona Archives, P.O. Box 64532, Phoenix, AZ 85082-4532. For information, contact Doug Kupel, (602) 380-9900 or e-mail  


3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. – Conference Registration.  Location: Hassayampa Inn Lobby.

            Booksellers set up.  Location: Hassayampa Inn Lobby & Elks Theater Lobby.


4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. – Plenary Session. Location: Elks Theater.

Fourth Annual McFarland Forum – “The Arizona History Convention: Looking Back on Fifty Years.” Participants share their recollections of the first Arizona History Convention (1960) and reflect on the roles of Dr. Jack Carroll and others in organizing this annual conference.


6:15 p.m. Westerners Dinner. Location: Marina Room.

7:30 p.m. Westerners Program. Location: Elks Theater.

            A Tribute to Prescott’s Gail Gardner, with Dick Bowerman and Gail Steiger.    

             Dick Bowerman presents his Westerners’ International award-winning Powerpoint       presentation on the Prescott native, cowboy, Princeton graduate, free-range ranger, poet, postmaster, and Smoki People leader, followed by a short DVD of Gail Gardner   talking about his poetry. Gail Steiger, Gardner’s grandson, will perform his         grandfather’s cowboy songs and stories.


FRIDAY, April 24

7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. - Registration.  Location: Hassayampa Inn Lobby .

            Book Displays.  Location: Hassayampa Inn Lobby & Elks Theater Lobby.


8:15 a.m. – Welcome. Prescott Mayor Jack D.Wilson. Location: Elks Theater.

8:30 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.

Session 1A: - The Earp Story in Prescott.  Location: Elks Theater.

            Chair:  Bob Pugh, Trail to Yesterday Books.

Robert F. Palmquist, “‘The Only Place that Seems Like Home’: Virgil and Allie Earp in Prescott Before and After Tombstone”

Gary L. Roberts, “The Calm Before the Storm: Doc Holliday’s Prescott Interlude, 1879-1880”

Anne E. Collier, “Mary Katherine Cummings: A Survivor in an Era of Limitations”


Session 1B: - The New Deal in the Southwest.  Location: Arizona Ballroom.

Chair:  William S. Collins, Arizona State Historic Preservation Office.

Robert D. Leighninger, Jr., “Potholes and Politics: Phoenix City Government and the Public Works Administration During the New Deal”

Robin Pinto and J. J. Lamb, “The New Deal in Arizona: Connections to Our Historic Landscape”

Kathy Flynn, “Was the New Deal a ‘Good’ Deal for New Mexico and Is Any of It Still Around”


            Session 1C: - Arizona Trails. Location:  Marina Room.

Chair:  Tom Jonas, Phoenix.

Harley Shaw, “The Route of Lt. A. W. Whipple Through Northern Arizona in 1854—Its Significance to Rails, Roads, and Science”

Richard Quartaroli, “Cartographic Campsites of 1869: Major Powell’s Momentous Possibilities”

Richard L. Powers, “Apache Trail”


10:00 a.m. – 11:15 a.m.


            Session 2A: - Arizona Biographies.  Location: Elks Theater. 
            Chair:  Kevin Schindler, Lowell Observatory.

Erik Berg, “‘The Roads are for the Timid’: The Western Adventures of Mai Richie Reed”

Austin W. Smith, “Arizona’s Forgotten Artist: The Intriguing Life of William Besser”

Vince Murray, “The Lost Carmelita Mine: Not Another Wyatt Earp Story?!”


            Session 2B: - The Great Depression in Arizona. Location: Arizona Ballroom.      
            Chair:  Mary Melcher, Phoenix.

Bryan Lausten, “Desert Echoes: Reclamation’s Civilian Conservation Corps Camps”

Beth Grimes, “Boys and Men of the CCC: Gender Constructions and the Great Depression”

Barbara Marriott, “Telling It Like It Was: WPA Oral Histories from Arizona’s Women Pioneers”


Session 2C: - On the Way to Statehood: An Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial         Session. Location: Marina Room.

            Chair: John Langellier, Sharlot Hall Museum.

Elisabeth F. Ruffner, “Yavapai: Mother of Counties and Cradle of Statehood”

Bob Spude, “Saving Arizona: The Murphy Brothers Help Fight Joint Statehood”

Jack Pfister, “The 1902 Arizona Territory Congressional Election” 


Noon – 1:30 p.m. - Arizona Historical Society Al Merito Luncheon.  Location: Marina Room.


2:00 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.


            Session 3A: - The Cameron Family in Southern Arizona History.  Location:  Elks            Theater.
            Chair: J. P. S. Brown, Patagonia.

James M. Wood, “How the Camerons Obtained the San Rafael de la Zanja Land Grant from the Parcioneros of Santa Cruz”

Kathy Goodwin, “The Pioneers of the San Rafael Valley in the 1880s and 1890s: New Insights on the Role of the Camerons”

Thomas A. Wood, “Southern Arizona History in the 1880s and 1890s: New Insights on the Role of the Camerons”


Session 3B: - Planes and Automobiles.  Location:  Arizona Ballroom.        

            Chair:  Jim Turner, Tucson.

Todd W. Bostwick, “Flight Over Phoenix: The 1930 Army Air Corps Survey of Prehistoric Canals in the Phoenix Region”

Catherine H. Ellis, “William J. Flake, Walter M. Ainslie, and the Flight of the Oriole”

Thomas H. Peterson, “Lucius Copeland—Hitched to a Star!”


Session 3C: - Business, Culture, and Politics.  Location: Marina Room.

            Chair:  Norma Jean Coulter, Heard Museum.

Scott Fritz, “Merchants of St. Johns, 1876-1885: A Study in Group Formation, Bigoted Rhetoric, and Economic Competition”

Devon Bridgewater, “‘The Midas Touch of Mata’: Eduardo Mata and the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra, 1969-1978”

Matthew G. McCoy, “Redrawing the Map: Arizona and Court-Ordered Redistricting in the 1960s”


            3:30 p.m. – 4:45 p.m.


            Session 4A: - Outlaws and Justice.  Location: Elks Theater.

            Chair: Al Bates, Prescott.

Stanley C. Brown, “The 1877 Murder Trial of Knox Lee in Yavapai County: A Look into Nineteenth-Century Politics and Prejudices”

Fred W. Veil, “Murder on Whisky Row: Arizona Territory v. William B. Hellings

David Grasse, “Not Devoid of a Sense of Humor: The Saga of Outlaw ‘Red’ McNeil”


Session 4B: - Arizona Institutions.  Location:  Arizona Ballroom.

            Chair:  Patricia A. Etter, Mesa.

Patricia Stephenson, “Arizona and the University of Arizona, 1914-1921: The von KleinSmid Years”

Melissa Ruffner, “Ruff Country”

Richard Shaw, “The Arizona Historical Society: History and Governance”

Session 4C: - Friends of Arizona Archives (FAzA). “Hidden Archival Treasures of Northern Arizona.” Location:  Marina Room.

This session highlights the collections of select museums, archives, and historical societies in Yavapai, Coconino, and Mohave counties.                 .

            Chair: Karen Underhill, NAU Cline Library.

Panelists: Ronne Roope, Jerome Historical Society; Shannon Rossiter, Mohave County Museum; Eunice Kahn, Navajo Nation Museum; Mike Quinn, Grand Canyon National Park Museum Collection.


5:30 – 7:00 p.m. – Reception & Dutch Oven Cookout.  Location: Sharlot Hall Museum.

The reception includes tours of the grounds and of the new museum library and archives facility.



SATURDAY, April 25


8:00 a.m. – noon. - Registration. Location: Hassayampa Inn Lobby.

            Book Displays.  Location: Hassayampa Inn Lobby and Elks Theater Lobby.


8:30 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.


Session 5A: - Indian and Indian Wars’ Perspectives.  Location: Elks Theater.                             
            Chair:  Jay Van Orden, Tucson.

James E. Babbitt, “Skirmish in Sycamore Canyon: Notes on a Battle Between the Yavapai Apache and the U.S. Cavalry”

Joe Knetsch, “Governor Safford and the Indian Problem”

Dale C. Miles, “Apache Viewpoints on Apache History and Its Influence on Southwestern History”


Session 5B: - Salt River Valley Development. Location:  Arizona Ballroom.                                 
            Chair:  Shelly Dudley, Salt River Project.

Paul Hirt, Kelli Larson, and Annie Gustafson, “Creating a Mirage: Water Supply and Water Conservation in Post-war Greater Pheonix”

Donna A. Hartz, “The History of Climate Change in Metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona”

Scott Walker, “From a Desert to a Breadbasket: Dams, Canals, Railroads, and the Metamorphosis of the Salt River Valley, 1887-1911”


Session 5C: - Landscape and Imagination.  Location: Marina Room.

            Chair: Michael Amundson, Northern Arizona University.

Jennifer Spensieri, “A Kiosk for the Canyon: The Making and Influence of the Grand Canyon Trust as a Professionalized Research-Based Environmental NGO”

Steven A. Littleton, “Evolving American Experiences with Nature: The Development of Industrial Tourism at Rainbow Bridge National Monument”

Sigma Colón, “Local Memories and Dreams on the Periphery of National Landscapes: Naco, Arizona and Naco, Sonora”


            Arizona Centennial Session. Location:  Prescott Garden Room.                      .

Members of the Arizona Historical Advisory Commission will discuss planning for the 2012 Statehood Centennial. A continental breakfast will be provided.


10:00 a.m. – 11:15 a.m.

            Session 6A: - McFarland Student Scholar Session.  Location: Elks Theater.

            Chair:  Bill Phillips, McFarland State Historic Park Advisory Committee
            McFarland Scholars present their award-winning projects straight from the Arizona
            State Finals of the National History Day competition.


            Session 6B: - Ethnic Arizona. Location:  Arizona Ballroom.

            Chair: Dan Killoren, Tempe.

Timothy Schorzman, “Caught in a Run Down: Baseball and the Japanese American Struggle for Acceptance”

Pat Garber, “Lewie’s and Ah Sue’s Gardens and Other First-Hand Accounts of the Chinese Presence in late-19th Century Southern Arizona”

Avis E. Jorgenson and Mary Cole, “Territorial Danish Pioneers Who Joined Military Ranks”


            Session 6C: - Literary Perspectives.  Location: Marina Room.

            Chair: Arturo Rosales, Arizona State University.

Cody Ferguson, “From King Copper to Quality of Life: The Relatively Rapid Dislocation of Copper Mining in the Public Mind of Southern Arizona, 1966-1986”

Linnéa K. E. Caproni, “Narrating America’s ‘Pompeii’: The Relationship of Historical Travel Writing on Casa Grande Ruins to Its Sense of Place, 1875-1926”

Benjamin Carver, “Imagining the Battle at Cibecue 1881: Persistent Popular Visions of Apache Indians”                            

Noon – 1:30 a.m. – Luncheon. Presentation of McFarland Scholar Awards. Location:  Marina Room. 


2:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m.

            Session 7A: - Territorial Justice Forum.  Location:  Yavapai County Courthouse.

Historians and legal experts, working with Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park, discuss the historic and contemporary issues involved in The 1889 Canyon Diablo Train Robbery Trial and the death penalty in Arizona.                                .                                     

2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. - Field Trips.

Historical and Cultural Tour of Prescott.

Join fellow convention attendees on a tour of Prescott’s cultural attractions. Vans will take persons who sign up for this tour to the Sharlot Hall Museum’s Fort Whipple Museum, the Smoki Museum of American Indian Art & Culture, and the Phippen Museum. Docents will greet visitors at each museum. Admission fees will be waived.


Historic Prescott Downtown Walking Tour.

Join tour docents on a guided walking tour of historic downtown buildings and the old-time stories that go with them. The tour will take approximately one hour and covers a two- to four-block area.       

6:00 p.m. – Reception. Location:  Marina Room.

7:00 p.m. - Awards Banquet. Location:  Marina Room.   


SUNDAY, April 26 – 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Jerome Tour. This tour has been canceled due to Arizona budgetary issues. Vans will take participants to the mining community of Jerome, where the Jerome Historical Society will conduct a walking tour of the historic downtown and Jerome State Park will provide a tour of the Douglas Mansion. Vans will leave the Hassayampa Inn at 8:30 a.m. and return at approximately 4:00 p.m. Lunch will be provided. Cost: $60.00 per person for van tour; $35.00 for persons who choose to provide their own transportation.


On Your Own. Fort Verde State Historic Park, 10:00 a.m. to Noon.

Be sure to arrive promptly for a living-history presentation with Gen. George Crook, commander of the Dept. of Arizona, 1871-75. Participants will have the opportunity to ask Gen. Crook questions about his life, military operations, and Fort Verde. Afterwards, take a special ranger-led tour through the 137-year-old adobe buildings along officer’s row and the original headquarters building that contains exhibits on army life and the Indian wars, including videos of Indian Scout descendants. The tour will conclude with a demonstration of historic and reproduction weapons. Fort Verde State Historic Park, located in Camp Verde, is the best-preserved example of an Indian-wars period fort in Arizona. It was the primary base for Gen. Crook’s operations and served as home to officers, enlisted men, doctors, families, and Indian Scouts. Allow 75 minutes travel time from the convention hotel. Telephone: (928) 567-3275. Fee waived.


Accommodations:  Hassayampa Inn, 122 E. Gurley Street. Phone: 1-800-322-1927, or (928) 777-9553. Rates: $109 per night, plus tax. $15.00 per additional person, over two. Includes breakfast card. Make reservations by March 23. Please identify yourself as attending the Arizona History Convention. Hotel St. Michael, 205 W. Gurley Street. Phone: (928) 776-1999. Rates: $89-$129, plus tax. $15.00 per additional person, over two Includes breakfast for two in the bistro each day. Make reservations by March 23. Marriott Spring Hill Suites, 200 E. Sheldon Street. Phone: (928) 776-0998, or 1-888-466-8440. Rates: $119, plus tax. Make reservations by March 23.  

Special Needs: The Arizona History Convention is being held in historic downtown Prescott. Hotels built in the early twentieth-century may not be easily accessible to people with special needs. Please check with your hotel to assure accommodation before making reservations.

For conference information call Nancy Stonehouse or Bruce Dinges at (520) 628-5774.  Or, visit our website: Space for meals and special events is limited. Please register early.    





Item                                                                                                                 No. of Total                                                                                                                          persons  cost


Registration                                                                              $35.00
            Student                                                             N/C

Thursday Night Westerners Dinner                                            35.00                          

Friday Al Merito Luncheon                                                      21.00

Friday Evening Reception                                             20.00

Saturday Luncheon                                                                   18.00

Saturday Night Banquet                                                            38.00                                                  

Saturday Fort Whipple, Smoki Museum, Phippen
            Museum Tour                                                    20.00                                                 

Saturday Prescott Downtown Walking Tour                     10.00         

Sunday Jerome Tour                                      
            Van                                                                   60.00

            Private Transportation                                         35.00

**indicate vegetarian meals

**request handicapped assistance

*** Arizona Historical Society member
                                                                                    Total $


**Meals/registration package for ASP Employees (includes Thurs. evening dinner and Fri. evening reception) - $167.00



(Make checks payable to Arizona History Convention, Inc.  Mail to Bruce J. Dinges, Arizona Historical Society, 949 E. Second Street, Tucson, AZ 85719.  520-628-5774). Reservations for meal functions must be received by APRIL 17.      








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