Thanks for joining us at the 2001 Convention
at the Hon-Dah Conference Center
Pinetop, Arizona
April 26 - 28, 200l

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The Hon-Dah Conference Center, the site of the 2001 Arizona History Convention, is located on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation, home of the White Mountain Apache Tribe. Convention attendees, among other things, had the opportunity to visit Historic Fort Apache. The site was originally used as an Army outpost in 1870. Fort Apache played a major role during the Apache Campaign of the 1880s. Abandoned by the Army in 1922, the fort was used as an Indian boarding school. Several of the original buildings are still standing. Fort Apache Historic Park is maintained by the White Mountain Apache Tribe.

For more information about Fort Apache, click here or here

Attendees also had an opportunity to tour Historic Snowflake, Arizona. If you missed it, you can see some of the attractions by taking a look at our brief - Virtual Tour of Snowflake

Awards presented at the 2001 Convention

The Program for the 2001 Pinetop, Arizona History Convention

Scenes from the 2001 Convention