The Arizona Historical Convention
would like to thank the following, for their support of the Convention

Sponsorsin cooperation with:

Arizona Historical Foundation

Arizona Historical Society

Arizona State University

Casa Grande Valley Historical Society

Northern Arizona University

Sharlot Hall Museum

Salt River Project

University of Arizona

University of Arizona Southwest Center

Arizona State Parks

City of Yuma

Elementary School District #1

Yuma Chamber of Commerce

Yuma Corral of The Westerners

Yuma Convention & Visitors Bureau

Yuma County Historical Society


Convention Committee:

Kay Benedict, Casa Grande Historical Society; Marc Campbell, Arizona State University; Evelyn Cooper, Arizona Historical Foundation; Bruce J. Dinges, Arizona Historical Society; Shelly Dudley, Salt River Project; Reba Grandrud, Arizona Historical Society; Lynn Haak, Globe; Fred Jones, Yuma; James McBride, Arizona State University; Katherine Morrissey, University of Arizona; William Phillips, Arizona State University; William Porter, Kingman; Richard Sims, Sharlot Hall Museum; Robert A. Trennert, Arizona State University; Andrew Wallace, Northern Arizona University; Joseph C. Wilder, University of Arizona Southwest Center.

Program Committee:

Bruce J. Dinges, Shelly Dudley, William Phillips.

Local Arrangements:

Megan Reid, Arizona Historical Society; Carol Brooks, Arizona Historical Society; Fred Jones, Yuma.


Arizona Historical Foundation; Arizona Historical Society; Chiricahua Book Company; Guidon Books; Sharlot Hall Museum Press; Singing Wind Bookshop; Trail to Yesterday Books; University of Arizona Press; Yuma County Historical Society.